23 February 2013

Natural Remedies for Vitiligo

Natural remedies for vitiligo maybe what you search in this article. If you really want to know about what natural remedies to treat vitiligo, you come to the right place because we will discuss more about how to treat vitiligo in this article. In the first time, we will want to show you what about vitiligo is. Vitiligo is some chronic skin disorder, which will turn some of your skin into white. Men are common get vitiligo than women based on researched that have conducted by scientist. People who get this disease will have different skin color in some skin areas around their body. It is because their skin pigment has gotten problem then make their skin lack of pigment supply.

Natural Remedies for Vitiligo
Vitiligo is not dangerous disease, which will make you suffer pain badly. You even do not feel any pain when you get vitiligo in your body. What you can see is only the exchanging color in your skin. The skin color that exchanged is not directly in wide area. Usually, it only show white pile dot in face, hand, fingers, or hair. After that, it starts to wider and makes your skin areas look pale and then turn into white. Many people afraid with vitiligo disease actually. That is why; most people will stay away from people who get vitiligo. Actually, there is no need to afraid to socialize with any people who get vitiligo. It is because this disease is not harm you even you touch white pale skin areas of vitiligo. If you have friend who suffer vitiligo or you have this disease in your body, you can try to use some natural remedies for vitiligo.

Some Simple Treatment as Natural Remedies for Vitiligo
  • Vitamin B complex and vitamin C
When you want to treat vitiligo with using natural treatment, then you can try to consume enough vitamin B complex and C, which very important to improve your regeneration of your skin pigment. Consuming many foods that consist of those two vitamins will help you regenerate your skin color again. Beside you need to consume some foods, you also can apply coconut oil into skin areas which exchanging color into white.
  • Apple and carrot juice
Apple and carrot juice are good treatment to deal with vitiligo. You can apply those two juice into any skin areas where you get vitiligo.
  • Drink water from copper vessel
Copper vessel is great thing that will help you treat vitiligo. You can pour water and wait about a day to drink that water. You need to drink it when you wake up in the morning when you have not eaten yet. It will help you solve vitiligo.
  • Avoid junk food and fat food
It is not good for people who get vitiligo to eat junk food and fat food. Because of that, if you have problem like vitiligo in your skin, then you will need to stay away from junk food and fat food.

Those natural treatments that we have shown to you will help you a lot in curing vitiligo. However, to use that natural treatment, you will need to be patience because the result is not instant. Because of that, you will need to continue to use natural remedies for vitiligo :)
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How to Grow Taller after Puberty

How to grow taller after puberty is common question that asked by many teenagers. It is common for any teenagers want to have taller physical appearance. However, it is not difficult if you want to get taller, but you need to do some methods before you get age of twenty-one. It is because when you have reached twenty-one, it is harder to get taller because all of your body improvement almost stopped in that age. It is good for you who want to start doing something since your age is fifteen. It will make you taller enough if you do proper methods.
How to Grow Taller after PubertyMany people have tried to use sophisticated methods to increase their height, which also spend more cost to pay. For us, it is not necessary because you can increase your height with using simple but effective method. If you want to know about how to get taller, you can read this whole article because we will show you how to get taller with using simple methods. However, you will need do each of method we will show to you frequently and of course you will need to do it as your daily routine if you want to get taller faster.

Simple Method to Get Taller after Puberty
Having physical which have taller enough will make you get many benefits. Most teenagers want to get taller because with having tall height, they will look perfect in front of person who they love. Beside of that, with having enough height, you will be easily to do many things. However, if you really want to increase your height, then you do not need to push your body with using many dangerous methods, which will make your bone damage and it, will ruin your dream to increase your height forever. If you want to have tall appearance, what you only need is just using some methods, which we will share to you in this article. Here are some methods that you can use to get taller and answer about how to get taller.
  • Stretching is common exercise, which you will need to do before you do another exercise. It will make entire bone and muscle gets used before you do any other hard exercise. However, do you know if doing stretch also can increase your height? You can increase your height with doing stretch frequently and routine. Therefore, make sure that you always have stretching exercise every day.
  • Doing many exercises is also can help you to improve your height faster. Some exercises, which will really help you in increasing your height, are swimming, basketball, volleyball, jumping rope, and still many of exercises that you can use.
  • Keep your body proportional. This is the hardest part usually face by many teenagers. Keeping proportional body is not easy at all because you will need to have perfect diet program to maintain your weight. If you can maintain your weight, it is not hard to get taller because your body looks proportional.
The Other Thing to Help You Increase Height
Beside you need to focus in having exercise and diet program to keep your body in perfect shape, you also need to consume some important thing like calcium and protein if you want to have taller in faster time. Those two substances will help you enough to train and to increase your height. That is all about how to grow taller after puberty and we hope that you can have proper height like the one you want.
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21 February 2013

Easy Home Remedy for Nail Fungus

Home remedy for nail fungus is simple solution that you can use to repel the nail fungus attack in your nail. Nail fungus is special fungus, which will make you suffer really badly if you do not treat it well. Nail fungus will make your nail especially your foot nail exchange color in the first appearance. It is the first symptom that usually appeared when nail fungus start to attack our nail. Moreover, it will make your nail look darker than before. When this symptom has appeared, usually you will feel some pain in your nail.

Home Remedy for Nail Fungus
Actually, it is better for you to treat this problem as soon as possible after you see some difference appear in your nail. It is because maybe your nail has already attacked by nail fungus. You do not need to panic when this nail fungus appear in your nail. What you need to do is just using some home remedy for nail fungus. We will share to you what kinds of method that you can use to overcome nail fungus attack. However, one thing that we want to say to you is with using what we will share to you in this article, you cannot deal with nail fungus in faster time, that is why, we really suggest you to take care of it in the first symptom appearance.

Simple but Effective Method to Overcome Nail Fungus
As if we have promised to you, we will share some methods, which you can use if you have problem in nail fungus. Here are some methods, which you can use to handle this fungus attack in your nail.
  • Apple cider vinegar
If you want to use perfect method to eliminate nail fungus, you need to take apple cider vinegar. It is because this thing will help you a lot in removing fungus, which attacks your nail. It is simple to use apple cider vinegar as nail fungus medicine. You only need to immerse your foot in a bucket full of warm water and apple cider vinegar about fifteen minutes.
  • AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) cream
AHA cream is common cream, which you can buy it in any drugstores. It has cheap price and it can help you to remove nail fungus too. This cream also one of effective thing in home remedy for nail fungus.
  • Vick Vaporub
Vick Vaporub is also thing that you can use to eliminate nail fungus. You can apply vick vaporub in any nails of you that have gotten nail fungus attack. The eucalyptus ingredient inside of vick vaporub will help you to tear down the nail fungus. However, you will need to apply it frequently because you cannot see faster result when you use this method.
  • Listerine
Using Listerine, which commonly used to mouthwash, is also able to remove nail fungus. It is because inside of Listerine, you can find eucalyptus, tymol, and methyl salicylate substances which very effective to kill nail fungus.

We hope after you see some methods, which can help you to overcome nail fungus attack, you do not need any more to panic when you have seen your nail get problem. You can as soon as possible take any of home remedy for nail fungus if you found that your nail get infected by nail fungus.
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